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Andromeda - The Fairy in Me - Rachel Anderson

Dragons of this Land, and Friends of the Fairies, what is it that you See, when you look upon this Fairy and Me?

Andromeda - The Fairy in Me - Rachel Anderson

To the Stars of the Cosmos, in the Windows of the Sky - with a flick of her Hair, Andromeda drew my Eye. To the Twinkle of the Stars, in the Heart of the Galaxy - with a shimmer of her Gaze, Andromeda caught my Eye. To the Portal of this Way, in the Dreams of this Thought - with a smile of a Queen, Andromeda stole my Eye. In the Dusts of this Nebula, with the hint of a Wisp - two Spirals of Thought, Andromeda and Me! My heart was seduced by the colours of this artwork ... I feel that the purple suggests both nobility and power, as expected - of a Fairy Queen. I also feel that the blue captures the eternal spirits of both Andromeda, and of her Dragon, whilst at the same time - being indicative of a Fairy at rest. Yet, it is when the blues are combined with the whites of the stars, together with the purple wisps (around the window edge) - that an interesting effect is achieved. The ability to pull you into the centre of the scene - the Fairy and her Wings. Perhaps indeed, this fairy stands before a portal to Fairyland ... If that were so, then Rachel's choice of Turquoise - upon the dragon and the wings, plays right into the hands of Fairy Glamour. For, if my eyes do not deceive - it's just possible, that those Fairy Wings could also belong to Fairy Dragon! Yet even then, do we find another twist - that of Fairy Tail, or should that be, that of Dragons Tail? In either case, I have found myself impressed by the quality of the shading - especially upon her Victorian dress/skirt. For it is here, that both highlights and shadows, have been successfully combined - to create the many undulating folds of fabric. With a step back, do we turn our eyes, to the colour of this Fairy's skin. For it is here, that both highlights and darker tones, have been loving combined - to create the illusion of softness plus curvature. I find it amazing, that the Fairy's skin colour, seems a part of the scene - as opposed to being disjoint. I suspect that this has been achieved, through the clever use of highlights, and of lightening tones - especially for those that are found within the Nebula, and upon the Victorian corset. With a step back, do we realise that a relationship exists between Rachel's choice of colours. With a further step back, do we realise that such a relationship is not just confined to the larger areas of this artwork - for if you look closely, you can see a connection between the colours of the necklace, and of the fairy plus dragon eyes. In doing so, I feel that this Fairy speaks of harmony - and of the calming nature of this Fairyland Cosmos. What of the scenes background? Well ... For the most part, this is plain and simple - yet it is used, to powerful effect. To mask both the complexity of the Nebula, and preserve the detail of the Fairy. It is also used to bring light to the scene - especially around the window edge, which helps to create the illusion, that the Nebula is causing much of the light. Overall: An impressive Dark Fairy, who has more to do with the Pixie Dust of the Cosmos - rather than the darker side of Faerie. I love the fact that this Fairy embodies the Powers of Creation, whilst also having a Fantasy Dragon as her friend. To this Fairyland, with Eyes of Dreams, I thought of - Andromeda and Me ...

10/08/2015 | Victorian Hawk | Web: US | About Fairyland

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