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Aurelia - The Play in Mermaid - Rachel Anderson

Happiness of this Day, and Currents of the Deep, what is it that you Sea, when this Mermaid - hovered in these Waves?

Aurelia - The Play in Mermaid - Rachel Anderson

To the Sunlight of this Time, in the Plankton of the Shallows - with the twist of a Tale, amused Aurelia. To the flick of her Fin, in the Scales of a Fish - with the glow of the Sun, shimmered Aurelia. To the Gold of this Land, in the Pearls of Atlantis - with the glance of a Queen, smiling Aurelia. In the Eyes of these Jewels, with the Dazzle in Rainbow - two Pearls of a Shoal, Aurelia of Goldfish. I am extremely impressed, by the Fairy Glamour that's present within this artwork - as I had not expected it! First: there is a twist within the background layers of this artwork. If you look at the surface of the sea, then at first glance, does all appear to be quite calm. Yet, if we look at the Mermaid's hair, together with the rising Bubbles and Plankton - do I feel the suggestion of a strong (underwater) ocean current. This suggestion is further refined, through the sudden transition of the aquamarine, to the blues and the blacks - of an ocean's depths. It is within this ocean's blues and blacks, that Rachel achieves an impressive effect - as although there's a dramatic change in colour, it does not hamper your ability to focus on the mermaid (who brings balance to the scene). Second: When looking at the background, the rising Bubbles and Plankton, together with the waves at the top of the image - both suggest that this Mermaid, is within saltwater. Yet, if we look at the Goldfish (that surround this Mermaid), do we encounter Fairy Glamour - as Goldfish are freshwater fish! Third: Is the Glamour of two Tails and their Scales. As the shading upon the Mermaid's tail, and the shading upon the Goldfish tails - are one and the same. This is true of both the fins (with their matching highlights) and the fishes scales - which appear to be a smaller repeated-pattern, of those that are found, at the base of this Mermaid's waist. As such, I feel that there's a connection between this Mermaid and her Goldfish. What could such a connection be? Well ... I feel that this Mermaid is a Queen of Atlantis, and that her Goldfish are just a part of - the Wonders of the Deep. If that were so, then it can be said, that this Mermaid's Pearls - hold the Spirit of Atlantis, within this Sea of Seas. For in Calming blue, do I find the Trustfulness of the Sea - as this Mermaid dives, she brings Nurture to the Deep. For in predominant pink, do I find the Playfulness of the Sea - as this Mermaid swims, she brings Cuteness to the Deep. For in predominant orange, do I find the Fascination of the Sea - as this Mermaid treads, she brings Success to the Deep. For both this saltwater Mermaid, and her freshwater Goldfish - swim in Happy Content! What of the lighting of this underwater scene? Well ... Rachel has chosen to have a single (above water) light source, that fans out - as it's rays penetrate the water. In doing so, does she uniformly light - both the Mermaid and her Goldfish. As such, I feel (for the most part), that Rachel has deliberately avoided the suggestion of too much shadow (particularly upon the Mermaid and the Goldfish). Preferring instead, to rapidly-darken the water - in a way that plays with the height, that is implied by the depth of the Mermaid (within the sea). Thus, do we again encounter Fairy Glamour (between this Mermaid and her background). Overall: A powerfully simple scene - whose Bubbles give rise, to a great many ideas! There's no doubt that this Mermaid is a Queen. There's no doubt that these Goldfish implicitly trust her. There's no doubt that there's some-kind of Fairy Glamour at play (underneath the Sea). With these curves of a Mermaid, and balance of a Goldfish - Aurelia at play, Under the Sea.

02/10/2015 | Victorian Hawk | Web: US | About Atlantis

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