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Comic Artist's Photo Reference Women And Girls

An important part of visualizing your Fantasy Artwork is considering the poses that your Fantasy Characters are in. This is where a book like this comes in really handy:

Comic Artist's Photo Reference Women And Girls

I like the fact that this book makes use of four female models (of varying ages), who have posed for the camera in a variety of dynamic/action poses with just one aim: to help you bring attitude and realism to the characters in your artwork. The poses are intended as a starting point, where-by the artist should draw from them as opposed to tracing from them - as this will help to make their artwork even more unique! Some of my favourite poses are: punching, swords, cape, battle and blasts (as in lightening from your fingertips!). Another feature of this book that I like is the inclusion of various art demos: which show you how to make use of the various poses to create your final artwork. Overall: I believe that this book can help save you time, especially if your struggling to find the perfect pose for your female warrior, witch or superhero.

15/10/2014 | Victorian Hawk

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