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Fire Fairy - Egyptian Fire Fairy Assassin

Dragon Land

Within Dreams and Fairy Tales have Dragons built their Empires ... With the Dragons in Green - came the Forests of the Earth. With the Dragons in Grey - came the Storms of the Sky. With the Dragons in Red - came the Fires of the Magma. With the Dragons in Blue - came the Gifts of the Ocean. With the Dragons in Gold - came the Shields of this Land:

Dragon Land - with a Golden Chinese Dragon, guarding the Earth

Have you ever wondered what became of Falkor, Smaug and Tiamat? Or of all the other Fantasy Dragons that you've read about - when you close your reading book at night? Some say that's the end of the Tale ... Yet I would say - that it is, but a start. For with a flap of their Wings, do Dragons leave this Earthly Plane - flying high upon the Winds of Magic, returning home to Dragon Land! Yet, some may say - what of Dragon Myths? Fear not I say, for within Dragon Land, do the Dragons of Myth still live ... From North America comes the Sea Serpents - with a splash of their tails, do they drive the Oceans Waves. From South America comes the Quetzalcoatl - with a puff of his lungs, does he create the Clouds of the Skies. From Japan comes the Ryujin - with a mighty breath, does he pull the Tides of these Oceans. From China comes Ao Guang - with an Imperial Might, does he command the Sea Life Armies (of the East China Sea). Yet, some may say - what of Dragon Tales? Well ... Upon Dragon Planes, did the Battles of an Empire - take place ... From United Kingdom, comes Saint George's Dragon - the ravager of a humble village, that Saint George had to slay. From Ancient Greece, comes Hydra - the immortal seven headed Dragon, that Hercules defeated. Yet, some may say - what of Pendragon? Well ... Upon Dragon Scrolls, is the Knowledge of the Wise - written down ... Within Blue Moon Rising, did a butterfly hoarding Dragon - help the Prince Rupert. Within Maleficent, did a fire breathing Dragon - help the Fairy Godmother. For it is here in Dragon Land, that the Dragons still fly - up and up, upon the Endless Winds. For it is here in Dragon Land, that the Dragons still hoard - collect and collect, within their Oaken Chests. For it is here in Dragon Land, that the Dragons still grow - stronger and stronger, in their Grips of Fire. Yet, some may say - what of Dragon Dreams? Fear not I say, for within Dragon Land, lays your Hearts Desires ... It was not just a Dream, that the Dragons fly - upon the Winds of this World. It was not just a Dream, that the Dragons swim - through the Seas of this Earth. It was not just a Dream, that the Dragons wield - the Weapons made of Old: A Dragons Claws, a Dragons Armour and a Dragons War Cry! It was from here, that the Dragons Forged - the Axe of Draco ... With the strength of Iron (Earth). With the power of Hurricane (Air). With the passion of Heart (Fire). With the wrath of Ocean (Water). With the edge of Intellect (Spirit). With a flap of his Wings, did Victorian Hawk rise up - to Conquer a Land that had been besieged by Fantasy. With Tiamat defeated, and Pendragon respected, did Dragon Land have a King at last! For only with the Elements of Five, can a Dragon Empire - be ...

03/06/2015 | Victorian Hawk | Web: Blue Moon Rising

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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

First and Foremost, this really is one of the most Peculiar (and best) Fantasy Films, that I have ever seen! It's Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children:

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Dark Fantasy Film

For the first third of the film, did I find the storyline both somewhat odd, and slow to get going - as I wondered to myself, exactly what is going on? For the second third of the film, did I find the storyline both somewhat spooky, and perhaps even scary - as I watched it in the dark, with the wind howling out! Yet was I blown away, by the final third of the film's storyline - through both a draw-dropping character twist (twice I fell for their Fairy Glamour), and some sitting on the edge of my seat, as I'd realised that this Fantasy Film, is in-fact mesmerising :) I simply could not believe, how everything just fell into place, and the film's main Fantasy Character (Jake), is suddenly revealed as a Peculiar himself - whose both powerful and commanding, with an important task to perform: he has to help protect/guard, the other Peculiar Children, when they are attacked by Monsters (from the Darker side of Fantasy). What of the Peculiar Children - the film's main Fantasy Characters? Well ... I liked the fact, that they all seemed to have, a particular Magical trait :) My favourite is Emma, whose Lighter than Air - with the ability to fly, and wield/command, the Element of Air. Next is there Enoch, whose Meaner than Most - with the ability to animate, and wield/command, the Puppets he Makes. Then is there Olive, whose Redder than Furnace - with the ability to heat, and wield/command, the Element of Fire. Next is there Bronwyn, whose Stronger than All - with the ability to move, and wield/command, the Element of Might. Then is there sssssshhhhhh, that would be Telling :) For I found the Peculiar Children, to be a Happy Family, that care for each other - and who are themselves, overseen by none-other, than Miss Peregrine herself! And what of Miss Peregrine? Well ... She's the strangest of all :) A shape shifting Peregrine, who has the ability to control Time - albeit a Loop, a Bubble in Time! I especially liked the fact, that her Fantasy Character, comes across as somewhat eccentric: everything's Ship Shape, Timed to the Second - with just a Twist of Spontaneity :) Yet when faced with the Creatures of Darker Fantasy (here called Hollowgasts), are Miss Peregrine's thoughts - just for the safety of her, Peculiar Children. What of this film's Fantasy Locations/Realms? Well ... The first fantasy location, is really the Children's Home itself. It exists out of time (being 1943), and is full of the Fun and Games of the Children (especially in it's Gardens). Emma helps a baby Squirrel - Football for Bee. Bronwyn pulls a mighty Carrot - Tailor for Tree. Yet in stark contrast, does the Children's Home, also appear to be derelict (when Jake first encounters it) - seeming to me, as though it's haunted by ghosts. The second such fantasy location (and my personal favourite), is the Sunken Liner/Ship, that is Emma's secret hiding/thinking place (where she goes for some quite time). I just loved the appearance of the Grand Stairway (leading to the Skeleton dining tables), and the Magical Realm that appears, when Emma commands the Element of Air :) It is also here, that I found my favourite Fantasy Scene (within this film) - as both Emma and the Peculiar Children, raise the Liner from the seabed :) I especially liked the parts, where Emma breaths Air (to expel water from the ship), and Olive wields Fire (to relight the ship's boilers). In turn, does this fantasy location of the Liner, connect with the third: Blackpool Pier. And it is at the Pier, that the final fight between the Peculiar Children, and the Darker Fantasy Creatures (the Hollowgasts), actually occurs: Enoch commands an army of Skeleton Warriors, to combat the Hollowgasts :) Added to this, is the brilliance of the plan by Jake, who solves the challenge of the Hollowgasts being invisible (to all but him), with a childhood solution: snowballs and candy! Even so, did I find the showdown between Jake and Mr Barron (the Darker Fantasy King/Hero), to be steeped in Fairy Glamour - aka who's who? Then did I find more Fairy Glamour, as I found it somewhat ironic, that the Time Loop (that they were fighting in), just-so-happens to be in/outside the Pier's Ghost Train (which for me, looped back to the concept of the derelict Children's Home). Overall: this is a Fantasy Film, whose storyline gets better as it goes through (I feel deliberately). It's also a Fantasy Film, that makes more sense - after you've watched it a couple of times (especially with regard to the Time Loops). I also feel that the storyline, merges several genres/areas of Fantasy ... For I found something of the Mermaid (the Sunken Liner), mixed with something of the Fairy (Air Fairy, Fire Fairy, Garden Fairy etc.), mixed with something of the Mythical (the Powers of a Troll - or in this case, Twins), mixed with something of the Ghostly (the various glimpses of the Peculiar Children, especially in black and white photos). And at the end of the Day? Miss Peregrine winds away :) Or is that flies away? Only Emma can tell you :)

21/03/2017 | Victorian Hawk | Web: Official Trailer

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Within Fairy Tales and Make Believe have Fairies built their Kingdoms ... With the Fairies in brown, came the Bark of the Trees. With the Fairies in green, came the Leaves of the Grass. With the Fairies in yellow, came the Flowers of the Plants. With the Fairies in white, came the Lights of the Forest. With the Fairies in Dress, came the Queens of this Land:

Fairyland - with a Fairy Queen kneeling within the Woods - with Buttercup Fairies flying around her.

Have you ever wondered what is that you feel - when you step inside a Wood? Some might say that is but your Imagination ... Others might say that they see no change at all. Yet I might say, that you have travelled to a Magical Place, where it feels as though the Woods are watching you ... Where it feels as though your in Another Realm - where your not quite alone ... Perhaps indeed, you may find yourself, at where the Fairies built their Oldest Kingdom: the Woodland Realms of Fairyland! For in Fantasy Books and Fantasy Films, did the Seeds of Fairyland take hold. It's where Frodo met Old Man Willow. It's where Tom Bombadil saved the day. It's a Musical Realm - where not all play the Pipers Flute ... There be Buttercups and Bluebells. There be Daffodils and Marigolds. There be Lilacs and Violets. For within Fairyland, do the Fairies grow their Glamorous Plants! It's a Travellers Realm - where not all play the Jesters Prank ... There be Paths of Lost and Paths to Find. There be Trees in Hollow and Trees so Tall. There be Water so Still and Water so Flowing. For within Fairyland, are the Fairies a one with Nature! Yet, what of Fairy Music? With a knock upon a Door, do the Garden Fairies - dance in Tune. With a kneel upon the Grass, do the Flower Fairies - fly in Rhythm. With a gaze upon a Lake, do the Water Fairies - rain in Time. Yet, what of Fairies that live within the Realms of Fantasy Books? Well ... When you read upon a Book, does each page - Flap upon the Wind! For when your books finished for the night - does a Fairy, fly home to Fairyland. It may seem a Journey too Long, but to the mind of a Fairy - it is but a Dream! Yet, what of Fairies that love to Tinker? Fear not I say ... There's a Castle in the Woods so Near. There's a Drawbridge in the Woods so Far. There's a Swan Ship in the Rivers so Stream. For within Fairyland, lay the Roots of Invention and the Trunks of Construction! Yet, what's that you say? What of Fairy Portals? Well ... There be Fairy Arches and Fairy Mazes. There be Fairy Toadstools and Fairy Rings. There be Fairy Dreams and Fairy Games. For within Fairyland, do all Paths lead - to Fairy Tree! Some may say it's in your Heart. Some may say it's all around You. Some might say that there is no such Place. But ask a Fairy what she thinks of that! For she will know where the Fairy Tree is ... It's at the Bottom of a Garden. It's at the End of Stepping Stones. It's in the Oaken Owl Home. It's at the Bottom of a Lake. It's in the Start of Climbing High. It's in the Pebbles that form a Mountain. Where's that you say? To which I would reply: Three Stars left, and one to the right, along multi-coloured Rainbow, under the Water Fall, past Sunken Boat and with a Hop, Skip and Jump, in Fairyland shall you be!

04/06/2015 | Victorian Hawk

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The Hobbit - Sword and Sorcery Fantasy Novel

This Classic Fantasy Tale, sees a Quest for Treasure, in the Lost Kingdoms of the Dwarves, with a Guardian Fire Drake of the North, who goes by the name of Smaug. It's The Hobbit:

The Hobbit - Sword and Sorcery Fantasy Novel

Whilst it had been quite some time, since I'd last read The Hobbit, I was amazed with the amount of humour, that's found within it's opening chapters (particularly the very first - An Unexpected Party). I especially found it funny, when the leader of the Dwarves (Thorin Oakenshield), ended up with several of his fellow Dwarves, right on top of him - when The Hobbit (aka Bilbo Baggins), abruptly opened his front door :) I also liked the fact, that Bilbo initially has no idea, as to what is going on - why are all these Dwarves here? But soon finds himself, pouring over a Treasure Map, wondering where the Secret Door is! Which in-turn, leads to Bilbo and the start of his Adventures - having just been recruited by the Dwarves (based upon the recommendation, of Gandalf the Wizard). And it is this recommendation, that I feel captures the Heart and Soul, of this Fantasy Tale ... As The Hobbit does not at first, appear to be the best companion, for Thorin and his Dwarves - let alone their Quest! For one simple reason: The Hobbit / Bilbo Baggins, has only ever read about Adventures in books - preferring instead, to put his feet up, and have his second breakfast :) Indeed, is this low opinion of Bilbo, held by Thorin Oakenshield, and several of his Dwarves - which plays right into, Bilbo's desire to prove them all wrong :) And as such, did I enjoy the irony (that is experienced), as Bilbo's character, becomes central to the Tale - even gaining a Strength of Character, that supersedes the Dwarves (as eventually, he is more of an advisor to them). I found this particularly true, in three specific places: i) When Bilbo rescues the Dwarves - from the Darker Fantasy Spiders (otherwise the Dwarves would have been a juicy meal). ii) When Bilbo rescues the Dwarves - from the Not So Friendly Elves (otherwise the Dwarves would have been captive, in the Dungeons of the Elves for quite sometime). iii) When Bilbo is asked by the Dwarves, to tackle the Dragon Smaug (the Guardian Fire Drake of the North) - as Thorin and his Dwarves, dared not to enter, their own Underground Kingdom ... Yet in all three, do I feel that Bilbo's character, has come a long way - but still remains the same, as that first cheeky Hobbit, who dared to pick the pocket of a Mountain Troll, and land them all in a Stew! What of the Tale's other Fantasy Characters? Well ... There's three, that I quite like ... First: is Beorn (the shape-shifter). I liked the idea of a Man, that could take the form of a Bear - whilst also being able to talk, to an entire variety of animals (from Bees to Horses). I also liked the idea, of Beorn's Gardens and Lands - as he uses his shape-shifting powers, to guard his Domain, against the creatures of Darker Fantasy (such as Goblins and Wargs). I especially enjoyed, the comedy that surrounds the introduction of the Dwarves to Beorn (which is again contrived by Gandalf) - enter two by two, a minute or so after each other, OH! you may as well all come in then! Second: is Smaug (the Fire Drake). Being a Western Dragon, he meets this definition in every sense of his Being - large, powerful, clever (enjoying Riddles), breathing Fire, rows and rows of Teeth, armour as strong as Steel, hoarding Treasure, rending walls and eating all (especially Men and Dwarves). Yet does Smaug, still have a twist of an Eastern Dragon - the ability to speak :) And as such, did I enjoy Bilbo's conversations with him, especially when Bilbo thought, that he could outwit a Dragon! Bilbo dares to steal a Golden Cup - yet Dragons know, every ounce of their Treasure :) For Smaug's personality, is the Darkest of the Dark - it's HIS Mountain, and it's HIS Treasure, that HE stole from the Dwarves, a Long Time Ago. Third: is Thorin Oakenshield. I found that his character, tended to fluctuate somewhat. On the one hand, he will take charge (such as when planning a Quest for Treasure, or meeting a Great Goblin in Battle) - but on the other hand, can Thorin tend to give up in a huff (such as when the Dwarves, are unable to find the Mountain's Secret Door). An interesting character then - as we have to remember, that it was Thorin's Quest in the first place! And of that Quest, does Thorin also wish to retake, his Lost Dwarven Kingdom - of the Mountain. It's a Dwarven Kingdom, where I enjoyed imagining - what it would once have been like, at the height of it's powers: Countless Dwarves - mining Crystals and Gems, Endless Dwarves - Forging Swords and Armour, Robust Dwarves - hewn by the Harshness of the Rocks, Timeless Dwarves - hewn by the Ages of Old, and the Timelessness of Bonds :) And it is these Bonds, that Thorin's most Treasured Treasure (the Arkenstone), is most directly - at conflict with! For the Arkenstone (to me), seems to represent Greed (both Bilbo Baggins, and Thorin's). Thus, was I not too surprised - by the disagreement that arises, between Thorin and Bilbo! Although I was surprised, when Thorin pulls it back, and makes amends with Bilbo, just in the nick of time :) Overall: I feel that The Hobbit, is an enjoyable Fantasy Tale, that successfully incorporates, the important features, from the Sword and Sorcery Fantasy genre. The Swords are the Dwarves, Elves and Men - with the twist of a Hobbit, who could not hope to lift a Sword! But a Knife/Dagger - Bilbo can do that :) The Sorcery is directly from Gandalf, and indirectly from the Dragon's Hoard, and the Dwarves Arkenstone (their Achilles Heel). The Darker Elements, come from the Dragon and the Goblins, together with the Fantasy Character called Gollum (who Bilbo meets beneath the Mountains). Whose Gollum you say? For me, he's a key ingredient, to the popularity of Bilbo - as after Bilbo meets Gollum, does Bilbo's character, seem to tend towards an advisor (for the Dwarves). Thus do I feel, that it seems to be Fate, that Bilbo was destined for Adventure - in the first place :) Finally: an important question arises - is it still worth reading The Hobbit book, after you have watched the three Hobbit Fantasy Films? Yes is the answer to that! The Hobbit book, I found to be much simpler (less extravagant), and as such did it seem - much more magical :) Just one thing remains, where is that Treasure Map? And thank goodness for the Adventurous side - of the Took in Baggins :)

28/02/2017 | Victorian Hawk | Web: The Hobbit (Books)

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Liliana - Queen of Veil Queen of Night

In Velvet's Kiss, Paths be Grinned. In Midnight's Realm, Chains be Torment. Born of Darkness and of Fire - this Witch's Glamour, Seduction of thy Steps to be:

Liliana - Queen of Veil Queen of Night

Standing in her Under Verse, thinking of thy Spells to Cast. One Chant here, one Rhyme there - Halo of thy Witch's Soul. Guarding in her Nether Realm, musing on thy Powers to Use. One Bite here, one Touch there - Dancing of thy Vampire's Heart. Warding in her Darkest Guise, dreaming of thy Fun Tonight. One Wink here, one Smile there - Knowing of thy Lilith's Ways ... In Sorceress Power, with Licks of Flame. In Sorceress Might, with Flicks of Fire. In Sorceress Stance, with Dance of Orb. Liliana - Queen of Witch! A Necromancer's Power, with Walls be Damned. A Necromancer's Might, with Guards be Bone. A Necromancer's Stance, with Dreams be Dark. Liliana - Queen of Vampire! Thy Forbidden Power, with Lures of Heart. Thy Forbidden Might, with Chains of Soul. Thy Forbidden Stance, with Robes of Serpent. Liliana - Queen of Lilith! For it was indeed, I'd come across her in my Dreams ... With Gold of Jewel and Silver Vine. With Curve of Fit and Shapely Moon. With Flesh of Sin and Brunette's Hair. With Eyes of Pool and Luscious Lips. With Lace of Leg and Golden Crown. With Paths of Neck and Shoulder Fine. Thy Witches Queen - donned Fairy Glamour! For it was indeed, I'd come across her in my Nights ... With Cold of Rock and Earthly Grave. With Tight of Press and Stony Place. With Field of Fright and Rivers Run. With Eyes of Lost and Tempting Gate. With Web of Snare and Hellish Glow. With Chains of Arm and Spider's Fang. Thy Vampires Queen - donned Sweetish Scent! For it was indeed, I'd come across her in my Way ... With Quests of Fire and Trusted Steel. With Light of Cave and Shrouded Glimpse. With Steps of Chance and Rising Heat. With Eyes of Lure and Lusting Way. With Robes of Queen and Purple Gleam. With Powers of Witch and Vampire's Reign. Thy Lilith's Queen - donned Empress Liliana! Queening of her Subterranean. Master of her Darkened Way. Mistress of her Dragon's Breath. Liliana ... Royalty of her Kingdom's Rule. Be-speller of her Darkest Night. Commander of her Foundries Fire. Liliana ... Regal of her Empires Dark. Caster of her Gemstone Bright. Forger of her Army's Might. Liliana ... Said to Me: Rise in Power, Rise in Might, Rise in Status, Rise in Fight, Rise in Rule, Rise in King, Rise in Heart, Rise in Time - for Liliana donned Necromancer, and her Midnight Spell :)

09/06/2016 | Victorian Hawk | Web: Liliana of the Veil

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Mermaid of Atlantis - Pirates Mermaid