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Drago Rosso - Eastern Western Dragon - Stefano Artibani

Here do I find a Dragon, that's just as entwined with Fairy Glamour - as is a Fairy and her Queen:

Drago Rosso - Eastern Western Dragon - Stefano Artibani

There's no doubt that this is a Western Dragon ... This Dragon is covered in Scales, whose red makes me think of the Fires of the Forge. This Dragon is covered in Barbs, whose path makes me think of the Armies of Old. This Dragon is covered in Ridges, whose gleam makes me think of the Ambitious of King. And yet, do I find that this Dragon - has just bathed in the Realms of Fairy Glamour :) For there's no doubt, that this is an Eastern Dragon ... This Dragon is contrasted in Scales, whose blue makes me think of the Cools of the Sea. This Dragon is contrasted in Barbs, whose stance makes me think of the Sirens of the Ocean. This Dragon is contrasted in Ridges, whose rise makes me think of the Lapping of the Tide. Why has Stefano done this? To pull you into his Fantasy Realm, and bring depth to his Artwork. The pull, comes from the shape of this Dragon: a backward C (donned with Barbs), that helps snake you in - to both this Dragon's head, and his Dragon's body. The depth, comes from the height of the Barbs: being taller in the top middle, rotated towards you - I feel as though this Dragon, wants out of the Artwork! Indeed, does Stefano's choice of background, play right into this effect. As with clever use of lighting, upon the cliffs on the top left, contrasted with the darkness/shadows of the cliffs lower right - does it feel as though this Dragon, has just crept around a corner. If that were so, then it's easy to see that this Dragon, has the subtleties of an Eastern - as it's forked tongue, has just been used, with the Patience of the Wise, to snare it's prey! What of Stefano's choice of colour? Given the fact that this Dragon is in the shade, Stefano has had to be careful - to avoid losing the shape of his Dragon. I feel that this has been achieved, in two specific ways. First: the choice to use predominant red scales, with contrasting blue (curving along the Dragon's back). Second: the choice to highlight both red and blue scales, upon their upper most edge - thereby bringing clarity to the dark (especially around the Dragon's eye sockets, and the top right body/neck curve). Overall: an unusual Dragon, that's reminiscent of Lizard - but with traits both Eastern and Western, that goes hand-in-hand with Fairy Glamour :) As you would expect of the Realms of the Faeries, this Dragon has one further twist - the fact that he has no Western Dragon wings! Even so, this does not diminish from the Dragon's powers - as I feel that he can fly, high upon the Magic Winds, of Dragon Rise, in Dragon Land ...

24/05/2016 | Victorian Hawk | Web: Drago Rosso | About Dragon Land

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