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Dragon Sentinel - Dragon Land

There be those places in this Dragon Land, that still-guard, the Treasures of the Ammonite. Be Runic Glyph. Be Lavas Heat. This Dragon's Rock, with twists of Ancient. This Dragon's Spire, with curves of Tale. This Dragon's Perch, with scribes so Wise. Donned Ward of Power. Known Vault of Lore. This Dragon's Place, with watch so Sentry :) This Dragon's Tower - of Dragon Sentinel:

Dragon Sentinel - Dragon Land

It's where the Perch's Architects drew their Lore - of Dragons Guard, and Dragons Form. It's where the Sleeping Sentinels spied their Lore - of Dragons Hoard, and Dragons Stealth. It's where the Primeval Watchers scribed their Lore - of Dragons Time, and Dragons Stone. It's where the Foundry's Blacksmiths smelt their Lore - of Dragons Arm, and Dragons War. It's where the Wisest Warlocks chant their Lore - of Dragons Power, and Dragons Myth. It's where the Element's Warriors learned their Lore - of Dragons Dream, and Dragons Muse. Where's that then? Why ... In Dragon Sentinel, of Dragon Land - but of course :) For within this Dragons Land, be thy Dragons Wards - in Midnight's Realm, a Dragons Sentinel! For only in Two Moonlit Sky, can you find the Runes - of Ancestral Dragons Past ... Thy shape of Ammonite, with Twist of Ancestor. Thy way of Tone, with Sound of Sea. Thy rise of Glyph, with Arc of Cuttle. Thy coil of Spiral, with Wind of Sea. Thy curve of Nautilus, with Thought of Lineage. Thy hint of Meaning, with Rune of Fossil ... What's that you say? A Hidden Riddle! These Passer-bys, know not for sure. These Passer-bys, know not look up. These Passer-bys, know not of Power. These Passer-bys, know not of Fire. These Passer-bys, know not of Perch. These Passer-bys, know not of He! As it is with these Dragons, and their Hidden Ways. As it is with these Dragons, and their Magic Wards. As it is with these Dragons, and their Treasured Secrets. As it is with these Dragons, and their Emerald Griffins :) But - what's that you say? He's not a Griffin! Well ... Clad in Armour, clad in Gold - Anointed Guardian, knows of you. Clad in Whisper, clad in Hush - Silent Sentry, watches you. Clad in Timeless, clad in Bound - Runic Keeper, knows of thee. Clad in Talon, clad in Barbed - Tireless Warrior, watches thee. As it is with these Western Dragons, and their Griffin's Role ... Set in Stone, Guard through Time. Cast in Iron, Watch through Age. Bed in Marble, Hard as Rock. Cast in Metal, Hot as Fire. Rest in Bedrock, Wise through Eon. Stirred in Guard, Woke through you! This Dragon Sentinel, of Midnight's Realm - revealed in Moonlight, came for you!

08/07/2016 | Victorian Hawk | Web: Sentinel | About Dragon Land

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