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Fantasy Landscapes and Cityscapes

Fantasy art does not have to be just about fantasy characters, it can also be about fantasy landscapes, perhaps with no characters at all! This is the approach that's (mostly) taken by:

Fantasy Landscapes and Cityscapes

I like the fact that this book starts by considering the range of mediums that are available to the fantasy artist: pencils and ink, watercolour, acrylic paint, oil paint and digital. Of these, my two favourites are oil painting and digital. This book then considers the techniques that can be used to bring your fantasy landscapes to life. I especially like the tips on Value, Light and Shadow, Colour Theory, Perspective and Weather and Time of Day. Your artwork can then gain even more realism, when the book draws your attention to the elements of fantasy landscapes, such as: skies, clouds, mountains, caves, forests, trees, foliage, sand, snow, water and reflections. My favourite part of the book has to be the tutorials. Before reading these, Id never really appreciated the fact that its possible to use a rough sketch as the basis for your digital artwork! Some of my favourite tutorials are: Ancient City, Forest City and Forest Setting. Overall: I think that this is an amazing book that can help you enhance the overall quality of your fantasy artwork. At the very least, it can help 'take you to places' when you view its gallery!

24/10/2014 | Victorian Hawk

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