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Fantasy Reviews - Fantasy Writing

The Victorian Hawk Dragon knows a lot about Fantasy :)

If you're a Publisher (or an Artist), and would like a Fantasy Review written (for inclusion on this website) - then these are his prices:


This will either be a review of your Artwork, or a short Fantasy Story (his personal favourite).


Book - Picture Based

This will be a review of your Book and it's Art (we like looking at pictures and learning "how to").


Book - Novel

This will be a review of your Book and it's Characters (we enjoy reading from cover to cover).

Up to 500 pages - £550

Up to 1000 pages - £950

To Get Started

Please complete this Form and either email OR post it to us (including material to be reviewed).

Other Reviews

Are possible - such as: Fantasy Computer Game, Fantasy Gaming Character, Fantasy Film, Fantasy Series.

Please contact us (to discuss further).