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A tale of two sisters, a palace of ice, a blizzard of snow, some icy powers and a comical snowman:

Frozen - Elsa and Anna, best friends and sisters :)

Elsa and Anna, best friends and sisters, torn apart in childhood (by King and Queen), conceal not reveal - Elsa has a secret: she can control both ice and snow. The castle doors are shut, it's people kept out: Anna is forced to forget her sisters magic. But she doesn't understand, why can't she spend time with Elsa? She just wants to build a snowman! A storm at sea, a year or two, a coronation: Elsa becomes the Queen of Arendelle. I like the way that this film portrays the contrast between two sisters: Elsa is polite and quite (trying to conceal her powers and keep people out), whilst Anna is scatty and happy (wanting to open doors, meet the people and accept a wedding invitation from a Prince she just met). My favourite scene is when Elsa (after having accidentally revealed her powers to her sister/people) walks up the side of a mountain, finally accepting who she is, giving into her powers: she conjures some snow flakes, rains some snow, creates some wisps, pushes her powers, creates a bridge, stamps her feet, grows a Palace of Ice and makes a stunning icy costume (for herself). My favourite comedy character is Olaf (the snowman) - as he just appears from nowhere, missing a carrot nose, often falling apart and (at one point) puts on some weight (after rolling down a snow covered roof). He also has a strange interest in Summer - and wants to sunbath on the beach! My second favourite scene is when Kristoff (the True Love of Anna) takes Anna and Olaf to meet his family: the Trolls. I found myself laughing when both Anna and Olaf regard Kristoff as being crazy - as he's just talking to the rocks (at least until they wake up/turn into trolls). This film has some stunning vocals/lyrics (sometimes bordering on a musical) and my favourite words that Elsa sings are: The cold never bothered me anyway! Overall: a stunning film, that raises the bar very high, especially in terms of: storyline, special effects (e.g. I just love the wind-swept snow) and singing/musical quality (e.g. I found myself foot tapping and wanting to sing along). True Love can thaw a heart of ice, yet this film will do everything but freeze your heart: do you want to build a snowman?

28/10/2014 | Victorian Hawk | Web: Frozen (Official Trailer)

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