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Ghosts And Their Haunting Ways

Ghost Grave - a spirit that's not resting in peace!

Few people are adverse to the idea that a ghost is the spirit of a dead person. Despite this, unless you have actually experienced one – it is possible that your minds eye shall simply envisage them as a white sheet which shouts the word “Boo!”. However, ghosts are actually very different. Perhaps the most fundamental difference is the idea that you have to “see something” – but this is not the case.


It is possible for ghosts to get up to “all sorts”, including:

  1. Sounds. Footsteps across the ceiling, creaking of a door – and yet you know that nobody else is home.
  2. Smells. Just what is causing that musty fragrance? Or that smell of roses?
  3. Dragging/Holding. Particularly true for watery graves – where unseen forces may attempt to drag you down.
  4. Touch. Did you just tap me on the shoulder? What is that holding me down?
  5. Atmosphere. In occult “like attracts like”. As such, a room that has witnessed violent events can take on a personality of its own – and introduce feelings of dread. Here, we also find the “freezing cold” that often accompanies many a ghost sighting.
  6. Apparitions. These can appear as normal human beings – until they fade right in front of you. This can include ghosts that are “out of place” (e.g. an air stewardess wearing an old outdated uniform) and also “hitch hikers” that appear by the side of unsuspecting travellers.
  7. Poltergeists. Often the most dangerous – since they usually throw a variety of objects around (with increased risk depending upon the type of object). It is common for this “type” to make use of many of the above activities.


Female Ghost - whose pointing at you!

It is possible to group ghosts into various categories, including:

  1. Transitional. Sometimes a relative shall see a vision of a loved one at the moment they die. A relative may also hear the deceased's final words (e.g. “I love you”).
  2. Purposeful. These have a task to complete – e.g. showing the living where their bones are so that they may have a decent burial. Unfortunately, they can also be/become vengeful ghosts – where violence is common place. The worst kind is likely to be a vengeful poltergeist – since such hauntings are likely to escalate until the ghost gets what it wants (including fatality). This category also includes those that may attempt to possess you!
  3. Graveyard. Sometimes its possible to see an apparition of the newly deceased (perhaps whilst they wait to cross over into the next world). Unless the graveyard is next to a place that holds special bonds to the deceased – it is unlikely that they shall remain for long (unless they see themselves as some kind of guardian). Here again we find confusion, because many associate angels with the deceased.
  4. Entity. Perhaps the most common kind – seen by many people over an extended period of time. These tend to feature an apparition, which is perhaps dressed in old fashioned clothing and/or uses outdated language. There is also often a degree of intelligence – since different activities can occur in response to your actions.
  5. Replay. An event (stuck in time) that keeps replaying. For example, citizens of Verviers (Belgium) are reported to have seen thousands of soldiers fighting/firing guns in the battle of Waterloo – only the soldiers were “floating in the air”; years after the battle had taken place! In this type, there is little/no degree of intelligence – you just see the same event again and again.

Personal Experiences of Author/Family

Haunted House - with ghostly red eyes peeping through the windows.

The first (couple) of these are for myself:

  1. I used to rent a house – and was often away from it at weekends. One evening I got back, and the house felt “odd”. I thought nothing of it and went in anyway. Later that evening, whilst I was sleeping, I awoke and felt myself pinned to the bed with a feeling of breath on the back of my neck. I started swearing – and kept pushing up – although it seemed that my hands were only depressing the mattress. My mind could see something strange/humanoid – and I didn't like it. Eventually it subsided – and I became aware that my bedroom was freezing cold (although I had had the heating on for many hours). Whatever had happened – I didn't feel right in that house ever again – and had to move out. Interestingly, the day I moved out, a local cat wandered into that house. It wandered around several of the rooms – seemed to stop at the “attack” room – and then bolted for the front door. [My recent article on spirits makes we wonder whether this could also have been an Incubus/Succubus!].
  2. I experienced odd events in a (college) classroom when I was younger. Whenever I was by myself – I heard a rustling (like leaves) – and a sensation that the rustles were getting closer to me. Each time I'd turn around – and the sounds would stop. One time I looked forward – and the rustles started again – stopping as soon as I looked behind again (which really freaked me). Several of my friends also had the same experience. Perhaps the scariest – is that I have also experienced the same phenomenon in my parents bedroom – where on one occasion I had to “jump” for the door.

The next is from my mother:

Ghost Hunting - just where has that ghost got to?
  1. I was eleven years old leading a normal childhood (so I thought until that day). I lived in North London in a Council house with my parents and brother. We had heard from time to time footsteps going across the ceiling of the lounge but when we went and looked up in the loft nothing was there. The house stood on a corner and when the wind blew it made a horrible noise which used to scare me. My bedroom was next to my parents room and we used to have to go along a long passageway to get to them. I always felt very strange walking along this as I always felt that something was watching me. One Saturday morning my parents and brother were out. I was in the house on my own except for my dog and cat. We were in the kitchen when Sandy my dog started to growl and my cat Monty started to put all his fur up which began to panic me. I opened the kitchen door and looked up towards the attic and froze. There was an outline of a man dressed in what looked like a Sherlock Holmes outfit. He was just looking at me and then he disappeared as quick as he came. Many years later whilst on holiday with my parents we got talking about the house we used to live in. My father mentioned the name of Doctor Jones and told me that he was the ghost that was in that house. His own daughter had given birth to a child and she had died and he could not save her. He was a very unhappy spirit. My own mother had two miscarriages in that house also.

The remaining are from my grand-father:

Spooky Ghost - whose that chasing after you?
  1. I Edward John Holdway, Hereby state that this is a true story of my experience of an apparition from the spirit world. The place 134 Ranelagh Rd Tottenham N17. It was about 1960 in summer when my daughter was 8 years old. I was in the loft of the house dealing with my sons model railway and for some reason I saw something move in the far corner of the loft. What I saw was a shadowy shape in a black cloak. There was no features, it lasted about 10 seconds. I saw it a few days later on the landing of the house. On enquiring from various sources, I was told that a Dr. Sargent Jones owned the house and that his daughter lived there with them and that she had died young. He used to have horses in stables there and 2 wheeled traps. They used to ride around with these cloaks. When we lived there, the stables had been converted into a garage and were doing car repairs. One day the four mechanics came rushing out as they heard terrible screams coming from somewhere near the house and garage. On the walls were the original wall fixtures as one sees in stables.
  2. On another occasion on a Saturday evening when I was about 10 yrs old. The place was in Jansons Road off Philip Lane Tottenham. It was a dark murky night off an alley-way. When a apparition came through a brick wall in this alley-way, glided across the path and went through the wall on the other side. There were kids and adults there at the time and an adult said it was some-one having a game as there were two gates in this alley-way. A few days later when I was doing my paper round in daylight I went up this alley-way and there were no gates, just 2 long walls extending both sides of the drive finishing at a garage at the end. It still remains a mystery.

See copies of the original letter here: page 1, page 2 and page 3.

Popular Places

Haunted House - with three ghosts flying around the outside.

Ghosts can be encountered in many different places, including:

  1. Aeroplanes. Those passengers that passed away en-route to their destination.
  2. Churches. Those that stay behind because of some unhappy event.
  3. Hospitals. Too many deaths give rise to “bad” atmospheres (at the very least).
  4. Hotels (and houses). Likely to have atmospheres in rooms where people have died.
  5. Inns. Crossroads for travellers of all guises (including murderers).
  6. Libraries. Some may encounter more than just their next read.
  7. Mansions. Remnants of many a nasty master.
  8. Roads. Accident victims who are taken before their time.
  9. Schools. Who was that running along the corridor?


We shall (part) conclude by mentioning two sayings:

  1. “Thought is provocative”. Which can be even more so when thinking about ghosts! (e.g. driving down a dark country lane – thinking about phantom riders is likely to make you imagine things (I've been there!)).
  2. “As in life – as in death”. A violent person in life is likely to be violent after death to.

Finally: I believe there's just too many people died since the dawn of man for there not to be something in it.

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