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Gothic Fire Fairy

Aligned with the element of Fire, this fairy is entwined with Destiny and Desire:

Gothic Fire Fairy - Passion entwined with Destiny and Desire

In the heart of the flames, in the heat of the sun - with the passion of an idea, this fairy shall be found. Bringing light to the dark, burning so bright - with the passion of a dream, this fairy shall be found. Barring the way, skills of a warrior - with the passion of battle, this fairy shall be found. Roaming the night, dancing the streets - with the passion of assassin, this fairy shall found. I like the fact that this artwork captures the ideas of fate within her spiralling tail, together with the ideas of aiming-so-high within her robust/powerful wings. I also like the way that this artwork suggests the ideas of pulling-together: with both the remnants of a trailing skirt and rising leather boot straps. I believe that her pose suggests the prowess of a warrior: legs spread wide (barring the way), with torso curves of a pillar (holding the strength of the world) and v-bent arms (like an elbow to the face). I especially like the opposing angles of the assassin blades, and knowing that there is strength in those hands, its not hard to imagine a flick to the hips! I'm impressed by the choice of colours: both those that are similar (such as the red silk wings/tail and crimson leather outfit/leggings) and those that are contrasting (such as the use of gold/yellow on her arms and chest). I also like the suggestion of shadowing near the foils of her wings - and suspect that this was quite a difficult effect to achieve. Overall: I love the the way that this artwork makes use of layering - such as the different layers to the wings (and the passing-through layers of the tail). I also love the way that this fairy artwork captures the ideas of fire (red with attitude), whilst at the same time, capturing the ideas of a Gothic warrior (the ability to fight through the night, in the loneliest places of the Earth).

17/10/2017 | Victorian Hawk | Web: Chris Snook Fantasy Art

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