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How to Draw Wizards, Warriors, Orcs and Elves

I'm really impressed by this (fantasy) drawing book:

How To Draw Wizards, Warriors, Orcs and Elves

I like the fact that the book breaks everything down: it starts by considering the stick figure, followed by the stick figure in action. Then it's into basic shapes (such as squares, triangles and circles) for building up the basic human shape. It then considers finer details: faces, eyes, mouths, hands and feet. At this point, you are up to page 20 (out of 143). The rest of the book is where the real magic happens! Tutorials on drawing a large range of characters: Dwarves, Elves, Kings, Orcs, Queens, Warriors, Witches and Wizards. There's even a section on scenery, so that your characters are not just standing by themselves. The book concludes with some tips on colouring (when using markers, inks or watercolours). In short: an impressive title that can help you increase your drawing abilities.

13/10/2014 | Victorian Hawk

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