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The Fantasy Illustrator's Technique Book

Its worth having a copy of this fantasy drawing book just for the artwork that's in it, let alone the actual drawing tips and advice:

The Fantasy Illustrator's Technique Book

I like the fact that the book contains a tonne of information, yet still manages to lay it out in a meaningful way. Even the introduction section manages to cover: paper types, pencil types, pastel types, pen/ink types, brush types and paint types, together with Setting up a Workspace and Working Digitally. The book highlights the fact that visualizing is one of the most important tools that a fantasy artist can have! You must know the type of characters and scenes you want in your artwork through rough sketches, before you consider doing any fine detail work. The book also illustrates the fact that stick figures and geometric shapes are the order of the day, allowing any artist to use simplicity as their tool for helping to create complex figures and scenes. Its also good to see information on both one-point and two-point perspective: with a decent example for a building interior and a female figure. The book also considers various techniques, with one of my favourites being Design and Layout. For example, is your scene vertical and horizontal or emphasis at side? Overall: I feel that this is an inspiring book, that can help you take your artwork to the next level.

14/10/2014 | Victorian Hawk

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