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Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings

Curiosity, Chance and Snow, combine with Tinker Bell, to create a magical tale:

Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings - Curiosity, Chance and Snow :)

Although Tinker Bell is a Summer fairy, her adventurous nature gives rise to the idea of meeting a Winter fairy (and exploring the Winter Woods). As it is forbidden for Summer and Winter fairies to interact, Tinker Bell acts in secret: travelling to Winter, when the curiosity over her glowing wings becomes too great. I found the storyline to be totally engaging, and have been fully sold on the idea that fairies can have sisters. My three favourite scenes are: when Tinker Bell meets her Frost Fairy sister Periwinkle (as they both get to see how they were born from the same babies laugh), when Periwinkle shows Tinker Bell around the Winter Woods (as they both go figure skating and end-up in a heap of snow) and when Periwinkle is surrounded by butterfly's (as she is passionate about them - and wished that she could meet them). I like the transition from hard Winter to soft Winter, as the boundary between them melts away. This happens both in terms of characters (e.g. Winter fairy Spike has a similar personality to Summer fairy Vidia) and in terms of plot (e.g. both Summer and Winter fairies have to work together to save the Pixie Tree/Pixie Hollow). I also like the fact that Tinker Bells character has evolved: she is prepared to risk injury to herself, for the sake of others. Overall: An amazing tale that captures the magical fun of Winter, yet at the same time, shows the similarities between Summer and Winter (Silver Mist skies on water, whilst Frost Fairies ski on snow).

17/10/2014 | Victorian Hawk | Web: Secret of the Wings (Official Trailer)

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