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Werewolf - Tom Wood - Fantasy Art

In the Darkest of the Nights. In the Whitest of the Moon. In the Thickets of the Woods. In the Guise of a Werewolf:

Werewolf - Tom Wood - Fantasy Art

Within this Woodland Realm, lurks He - who Snarls this Night. Within this Misty Wood, lurks He - who Lures this Eve. Within this Moonlight Realm, lurks He - who Howls this Twilight. Within this Forest Glen, lurks He - who Walks this Path! But what Path would that be then? Well ... Thy Path of thy Werewolf - but of course :) For it is an Ancient Path, that's Steeped in Lore ... For only in the Darkest Nights, in the Darkest Woods - can you See Them. For only in the Brightest Moons, in the Brightest Haze - can you Hear Them. For only in the Blackest Clouds, in the Blackest Skies - can you Feel Them. For only in the Whitest Mists, in the Whitest Dews - can you Sense Them. For only in the ... Growl! On a Night like this, in a Forest like this - may you See Them ... Steeped in Lore, and Steeped in Fantasy. Steeped in Myth, and Steeped in Sight. Steeped in Shadow, and Steeped in Lunar. For I see a Werewolf - in his Bestial Form ... With Fur on Muscle, both Long and Flow. With Claws to Tear, both Sharp and Point. With Tail of Whip, both Twirl and Slender. With Piercing Eyes, both Green and Maleficent. With Skeletal Hands, both Strong and Vice. With Nose to Sniff, both Hunt and Stalk. As it is with these Werewolves, and their Hunting Ways ... Built for Battle, in their Heightened Frenzy. Built for Speed, in their Paws of Four. Built for Ravage, in their Strength of Ten. Built for Chase, in their Mark of Wolf. Built for Warring, in their Need for Fight. Built for Pack, in thy Brothers Will! For this Werewolf is ... Thy Master, of this Midnight's Path :) But can this Werewolf see me? Well ... With a Sniff of Scent - his Torso Twisted. With a Hint of Sweat - his Sharpened Claws. With a Sound of Rustle - his Barring Teeth. With a Snap of Twig - his Growling Voice. With a Tremble of Branch - his Glowing Eyes. With a Sense of Fear - he's Honed on You! As it is with these Werewolves, and their Sense of Self ... Some Tattered Jeans, around his Waist - no Human Eyes, just Greenish Glow. Some Whispers of Man, around his Chest - no Human Skin, just Wolf-like Fur. Some Stance of King, around his Form - no Human Cower, just Strength of Wolf. Growl!! Thy Werewolf and his Victim ... No Thought of Reason, just Dream of Hunger. No Look of Friend, just Guise of Prey. No Need of Logic, just Want of Eat. Growl!!! For this Werewolf, is Home in both - Dark Fantasy, and Heart of Woods. For this Werewolf, is Known by both - Creatures of Night, and Guardian of Forest. For this Werewolf, is Slave in both - Powers of Moon, and Lunar Hour. For this Werewolf, is Pride in both - Secret Woods, and Regal Guise. For this Werewolf, is Herald in both - Harbinger of Death, and Hunting Pack. For this Werewolf, is King in both - Midnight's Realm, and Darkest Nights. He'd Seen Me!

20/04/2017 | Victorian Hawk | Web: Tom Wood Fantasy Art

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