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Atlantis - City of the Mermaids

In the minds of Mortal Men, Atlantis emerges from the Deep, appearing as a Ruined City:

Atlantis - Ruined City and Fortress of the Mermaids
Atlantis - Ruined City and Fortress of the Mermaids

Yet to the minds of a Mermaid, Atlantis appears in all her Majesty: a Fortress City, built to guard against the Conquests of an Ancient Foe - Octopi. Throughout the Sands of Time, both the Mermaids, and the Octopus, have fought a Titanic Battle: for control of the Sea Bed and the Treasures of the Deep. With Hurricane and Sea Serpent does a Mermaid sink a ship. With Intelligence and Speed does Octopi claim the Wreck. With Trident and Tentacle does a Fearsome Battle ensue. With Mermaid and Victory goes the Treasures to Atlantis. With Octopus and Triumph stays the Treasures in the Wreck. Atlantis: her streets are paved with Gold. Atlantis: her temples rise in War. Atlantis: her walls deter all but the largest Octopi. Here in the Deep, do the largest Warriors dwell: Titanic Sea Serpents going head-to-head, against Monstrous Octopi. Undersea the Earthquakes shake - each blow trembling to the Earth. With arms of Four Pairs, does a Octopus wield its Suckers. With the Venom of Poseidon, does a Sea Serpent wield its Fangs. It is at the Gates of Atlantis that the Crusader Battles were fought. With Camouflage and Stealth did the Octopi lay in wait. With Excitement and Greed did the Gates of Atlantis open: the Promise of a Bounty, from a Pirate Ship! Three times have the Crusades been fought - three times have the Gates of Atlantis held. Three times has the Intelligence of the Octopi increased - three times has the Siren of Atlantis sung out: To the Gates! To the Gates! Did the Mermaids rush. With Sword and Trident did the Mermaids battle. Turned back were the Octopi, but just for a little while. With Countless Wrecks and Infinite Oceans, the armies of the Octopi: Scheme with Time. With the Fury of the Weather and the Wrath of the Gods, the armies of the Mermaids: Endure through Time. Yet within the Scrolls of Atlantis, it is written: should the Gates of Atlantis ever fall, that Poseidon himself shall return - to battle the Octopi, and defeat their Mighty Kraken. Few Mermaids indeed have heard of the Kraken - a Titanic Octopi, with the power to level Atlantis. As for those that do, it is believed that he/she dwells within the Deepest Oceans, or perhaps within the Deepest Abyss. Only time will tell, whether Mermaid or Octopus, sees the Fruits of their Bounty. Yet what's that? With a Breath of Compressed Air, from within a Submarine, came Mortal Man. Atlantis: her streets are paved with Seaweed. Atlantis: her temples fall to Ruin. Atlantis: her walls attract Sea Life.

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