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Space Marine Hellfire Dreadnought

Within the armies of the Space Marines, there shall be those who prefer to fight from afar (e.g. with Missile Launchers and Heavy Bolters), rather than fight hand-to-hand (e.g. with Power Swords and Power Fists). When mortally wounded, such Fallen brethren, may be saved from death, by their interment within the armoured form of a Hellfire Dreadnought:

Space Marine Hellfire Dreadnought - Legion of the Damned
Space Marine Hellfire Dreadnought - Legion of the Damned

Locked within his/her armoured sarcophagus, the trigger-happy Space Marine shall continue to serve the Emperor (of Mankind), but with one major advantage: being free to roam the battlefield, picking their targets wisely, whilst incoming fire, bounces harmlessly off their adamantium armour. I enjoyed constructing this model, as it features a good amount of detail, and followed some different steps (during construction) to what I would usually do: being made of plastic, I glued the entire model together (first), then under-coated with Chaos black (spray paint). The model seems suited to this construction method, as the various parts, did not hinder at all, when painting the fine details: such as the flames - that indicate its allegiance (to Legion of the Damned). Having prepared the model with two to three coats of Chaos black (using a Tank brush), I then set about using a large dry-brush (with bolt-gun) to bring out the finer plastic details. Once painted, I then dry-brushed (once more), with gold, to create an amazing sheen (over the entire model). I feel that the plastic model aided both construction and painting (as its lighter and easier to hold), yet oddly enough, I prefer the weight of a metal Dreadnought (when I'm playing 40K). I like the fact that a Hellfire Dreadnought has several weapon options: a Missile Launcher (effective against both infantry and tanks), a twin-linked Lascannon (effective against tanks), a Multi-Melta (effective against tanks and bunkers) and an Assault Cannon (effective against infantry, plus with some luck, against vehicles). When constructing my Dreadnought, I decided to opt for a Missile Launcher (for ranged attacks) and an Assault Cannon (for powerful defence against infantry, whilst retaining the flexibility of being able to target vehicles). Even so, I keep forgetting that this is a Hellfire Dreadnought, and when playing 40K, I often try to use him/her as if they had a close combat weapon! I must remember to keep the Dreadnought towards the rear of my army/deployment zone, so that they avoid getting into hand-to-hand combat (as much as possible). I can only image what this Dreadnought would be like, if it could be equipped, with a Cyclone Missile Launcher (as that really would be Hellfire!). Overall: This is a decent model that shall add value to your army - whether your a collector, or an avid 40K gamer. The model is highly-suited to unusual paint schemes (such as my Legion of the Damned) as the sarcophagus features several large/flat areas (with room for your creative talents). The model also provides some contrast in your painting skills: as the front can be highly detailed, whilst the back can be very simple (in my case, just dry-brushed bolt-gun/gold, with a bone-coloured skull!). Even in death, this Dreadnought, shall continue to serve you, and your painting skills!

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