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Tinker Bell

I have spent my Easter in the company of the flu and the movie Tinker Bell:

Tinker Bell - Tinkerbell embraces her tinkering talent :)
Tinker Bell - Tinkerbell embraces her tinkering talent :)

I've now watched it four times - and have started feeling much better! I like the idea that fairies are born from a babies laugh, and in the case of Tinkerbell, a single dandelion leaf blown upon a wind to Pixie Hollow, where Pixie Dust adds the final touch. Tinkerbell starts out feeling somewhat lost, as she initially fights against her tinkering talent. This leads to some of my favourite scenes: trying to learn the talents of a water fairy (causing a large dew spot to land on her friends), trying to learn the talents of light/sun fairies (causing her to be chased by fire bugs), trying to teach a baby bird to fly (causing some hilarious footage in the birds nest). My funniest scene is when Tinkerbell builds her flower sprayer and ends up spraying purple paint all over the Minister of Spring. A clash of personalities occurs with Vidia, who has her chasing down the Sprinting Thistles, eventually leading to the ruin of Spring. Fortunately, Tinkerbell then embraces her tinkering talent and helps to save the day! Watching Tinkerbell has helped me realise that its really just tinkering we do on a daily basis to help defeat whatever challenges are sent our way.

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