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Dragonart - How to Draw Fantastic Dragons and Fantasy Creatures

My favourite fantasy drawing book is:

DragonArt - How to Draw Fantastic Dragons and Fantasy Creatures
DragonArt - How to Draw Fantastic Dragons and Fantasy Creatures

I like the fact that this book has taught me how to draw dragons: as dragons are my favourite mythical creature! I loved the tutorial on Western Dragons, which I find to be much more warlike than their cousins: the Eastern Dragons. The stick figure takes a different format within this book, although it still makes use of the same basic shapes that I have encountered when drawing humans. Dragons feature many components, and this book breaks these down into several tutorials/showcases: dragon heads, dragon limbs, paws, claws, wings, dragon bodies, horns, frills, fins, scales, tails and feathers. Even so, it takes a while to draw a dragon (either Western or Eastern), because dragons are typically big! I find the tutorials easy to follow and enjoy seeing the dragons build from basic shapes. The book generally contains tips on colour, as opposed to how to colour your dragons. This hasn't bothered me too much, as I have managed to colour my dragons using both colour pencil and oils (although I did find the colour wheel tips quite useful). The remainder of the book covers the drawing of many other mythical creatures, with my favourites being: Griffins, Unicorns and Sea Serpents. Overall: an amazing book that can help you spend many an evening honing your dragon drawing skills.

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