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Shrek the Third

Desires to be King, with rivers of mud, catch him I will, with pitter and patter:

Shrek the Third - Desires to be King, with rivers of mud :)
Shrek the Third - Desires to be King, with rivers of mud :)

I like the fact that this film is about having faith/trust in yourself - rather than listening to the opinions/negativity of others. As King Harold is taken ill, Shrek finds that his marriage comes with responsibilities: he is expected to act as the King. Unfortunately, with the Knighting of a Knight, and the Christening of a Ship, Shrek soon realises that an Ogre is not best suited to the role: so he sets out on a quest - to find the one remaining heir, Arthur. My favourite comedy scene is when Shrek/Fiona are dressed to look the part of King and Queen - as an itch causes a buckle to hit Donkey in the face, which in turn sees Shrek's trousers falling down, eventually leading to a tapestry catching fire, with Donkey licking his lips at some kebabs! My second favourite comedy scene is when Donkey/Puss in Boots end up swapping bodies - as Donkey stumbles along (wondering how Puss can walk in his boots), whilst Puss contends with an eeyore sound (struggling to control it). I also like the fact that these two characters continue to act as themselves (after the swap): Puss still attempts to use his soppy eyes, whilst Donkey still expects his kids to recognise him! My third favourite comedy scene is when Princess Fiona escapes from the castle cells - as two contrasting courses of action are taken: the first sees the Princesses (Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Rapunzel) adopting the damsel-in-distress position (i.e. utterly useless), whilst the second sees Queen Lillian smashing through walls (using her forehead!). The film benefits from the fact that both Arthur, and Merlin, are portrayed in ways that I did not expect. Arthur is a young lad (as opposed to a man), who gets picked on by others (the butt of many a joke) and does not believe in his abilities to become King (until Shrek helps him). Merlin is a bungling Wizard (as opposed to the pinnacle of his trade), who is thought to have suffered a nervous breakdown (whilst teaching at Worcestershire high-school) and does not believe that he has much magic left (until Arthur persuades him). I almost fell off the sofa (whilst laughing) at the scene where Merlin plays the Piano (after suddenly appearing next to Captain Hook). I also enjoyed the two ways in which Snow White is portrayed: the first sees her calm and placid (singing to the birds), whilst the second sees her determined and focused (using her animals to defeat two trees). My brain was fried by that crazy Pinocchio logic scene! Overall: I'm impressed that this film takes something that is different (the Villains of Far Far Away), gives them a common goal (to help Prince Charming), yet ends up showing that their not-so-different (after all). I also think that the storyline does a great job at conveying two important messages. The first: that the only opinion that matters (about you) is your own. The second: that the main person stopping you from doing things - is yourself.

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