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Dragons of Atlantis - Water Outpost - Wind Outpost

Time moves differently, within these Realms of Atlantis - and as I was soon to discover, so can your membership of an alliance! With an order from my Great Dragon, came the seeding of an Outpost. My Commander had decided, to set about the expansion of my Dragon's Empire. Thus was it fortunate, that my First City was surrounded by suitable Wildernesses - as is required, for the building of Outposts:

Dragons of Atlantis - Water Outpost
Dragons of Atlantis - Water Outpost

For quite some time, did I find myself wondering - exactly what an Outpost is? Thus it was, with the Conquer of a Plain, a Water Dragon egg, and my Commander's level of eight - that I began to learn my answer :) After watching the intro to my Water Outpost (much of which I forgot), I was presented with effectively, an empty City and an empty Field. Well now I thought, let's build it like I did my First City. So off my Commander went, building both Homes and Farms - and it was only later, that I realised that having loads of Farms in Outposts, is not (necessarily) the best approach! It took me a couple of weeks to build my Water Outpost, and at the end I had: 23 level nine Homes, 4 level nine Silos (required for gathering resources), 25 level nine Farms - all intermixed with a level nine Water Dragon's Keep, Muster Point and Training Camp. It was then that something dawned on me - I have another Great Dragon! A Water Dragon, who also required his Armour to be reclaimed, before he could be used in attacks on Anthropus Camps. It was here, that some hint of Dragon Sickness returned, as I searched for my Water Dragon's Amour. Fortunately, I was able to use the time whilst Marching, to construct my Empire's second Outpost - my Wind Outpost. Unfortunately, I have yet to find, a single piece of my Water Dragon's Armour! Any ways, as far as my Wind Outpost is concerned - I decided to approach it's construction, along the same paths as I did with my Water Outpost. Thus, I set about building Homes and Farms, but with both a realisation, and a twist along the way :) At the end of another two weeks (or so), did my Wind Outpost have: 24 level nine Homes, 3 level nine Silos (required for gathering resources), 19 level nine Farms, 4 level nine Lumber-mills, 4 level nine Mines, 3 level nine Quarries - together with a level ten Dragon's Keep, level nine Muster Point, and a level nine Training Camp. The realisation dawned on me (by complete surprise): as I noticed, that when I sent my Army to Outposts, that they were NOT consuming my Empire's Food (at least the Food from my First City). This allowed me to build up my First City's Food resources, which in-turn, allowed the construction of my First City to progress (such as it's high level Wall). The twist affected my building strategy, as I realised then, that my Outposts did not require as many Farms - so I changed (albeit a little late), to building for the other resources (the Lumber-mills, Mines and Quarries). It was here, that Fortune decided to shine upon me, as it turned out, that I already had a complete set of Wind Dragon Amour! (I believe I won it from a Chest, and I'm hoping for the same with my Water Dragon's Armour - as I have still not found a single piece, even from attacks on higher level Lakes, with my Great Dragon accompanying). I am glad that I have my Wind Dragon, as I have made great use of him - upon attacks upon Anthropus Camps. I have found it's best to split my Army into two, with both attacks proceeding in sync - one attack led by my Great Dragon, the other led my Wind Dragon. I have also found that my Wind Dragon, can become injured far more, than my Great Dragon does. Thus, until my army contained suitable Ranged Troops, did I attack only medium level Anthropus Camps, with my Wind Dragon. Overall: I have found that I enjoyed building both Water, and Wind Outposts. I became so engrossed in building them, that I failed to realise - that I had been kicked out of the alliance! I was somewhat shocked at first, but after a while, felt somewhat happier - as I'd learn to play this Dragons of Atlantis, by my own Might, and my own Dragon's Fire :) How about you?

| Victorian Hawk