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A Kingdom of Love, with her Mum and her Dad. Two Twists of Fate, and a Test of her Spirit:

Cinderella - A Kingdom of Love, with her Mum and her Dad :)
Cinderella - A Kingdom of Love, with her Mum and her Dad :)

In Childhood Dreams, did Ella play - with Clouds of Horse, and Animal Chat. In Childhood Dreams, did Ella trust - with Mother's Verse, and Father's Smile. Belief in All, did Ella grow - with Twist of Fate, and dying Mother. A promise made, Truthful Ella - with Dashing Horse, and Wild of Stag. Father Dreams, new Stepmother - Merchant Trip, and Change for All ... Ella slaves, Ella plays - Ella's promise, to her Mother: Have Courage and be Kind! Yet: To Stepmother, Cinderella, to her Sisters, just a Half-wit. I love the fact that this film, tells the story of Cinderella, in a modern magical way! I especially love the portrayal, of the Fairy Godmother - who is just a little scatty! My favourite comedy scene, is when the Pumpkin grows into a Golden Coach: as both Cinderella, and her Fairy Godmother, manage to overlook the fact that there's not enough room for the Pumpkin to grow (inside the conservatory). Which leads to them both, being squeezed against the windows - and in turn, seems to be right at home, with the scattiness of her Fairy Godmother! On the other hand, does this contrast with the harshness of Cinderella's Stepmother, who at certain times, do I feel is overly mean - such as when she tears Cinderella's Mother's dress, and thus prevents Cinderella from attending the Prince's Ball (at least with her Stepmother, and two Stepsisters). Fortunately, such scenes are intermixed with further comedy: such as when the Prince's personal Oil Painter is lowered all-the-way to the floor (and accidentally finds a new painting position), and when the Prince laughs with his Father, at the girl who loses her shoes (as this reminded me of someone I used to know!). I find it interesting that the film goes to great lengths to illustrate two key points. First: that large houses (such as castles and country manors) may very-well be stocked full of possessions, but unless those very same houses are full of Love (from a woman that stokes the Fires of your Heart), than those same houses, may as well be empty! Second: marrying someone for any reason other than Love, is doomed to fail ... This is exactly what happens with Cinderella's Stepmother - who married Cinderella's Father for the sake of her two children. (The Stepmother drives this point home to Cinderella, when she again attempts to exploit, the Kindness that is found within Cinderella). I also feel that this film, gains much of it's magic, from it's use of Pixie Dust. There's two scenes where I feel, that this is particularly true. First: when Cinderella has her dress Geed-Up (as she twirls around in both pink, and blue Pixie Dust, intermixed with blue Butterflies). And second: when the Pumpkin is changed into a Coach (as there's Golden Pixie Dust, which glitters around the Pumpkin's sides - taking shape, forming wheels and curves, that befit the Carriage of a Loving Princess). And yet, in all of this, is there a twist: for if Cinderella had not been kind to the Old Hag (her Fairy Godmother in disguise), then it seems to me - that Cinderella would not have been able to go to the Prince's Ball (at all). Overall: I find this film to be a lovable mix of both fun (such as when Cinderella talks to her Mice - Jacqueline, Teddy, Matilda and greedy Gus-Gus), and harsh reality (such as when Cinderella's Stepmother goes to great lengths to seclude Cinderella - from family activities). An enjoyable reworking of a classic tale, that I feel, shall bring plenty of Pixie Dust into your Heart! Even so, I can't help but wonder - what would have happened, if the Stepmother (as portrayed in this film), had never overheard the conversation between Ella and her Father ...

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A tale of two sisters, a palace of ice, a blizzard of snow, some icy powers and a comical snowman:

Frozen - Elsa and Anna, best friends and sisters :)
Frozen - Elsa and Anna, best friends and sisters :)

Elsa and Anna, best friends and sisters, torn apart in childhood (by King and Queen), conceal not reveal - Elsa has a secret: she can control both ice and snow. The castle doors are shut, it's people kept out: Anna is forced to forget her sisters magic. But she doesn't understand, why can't she spend time with Elsa? She just wants to build a snowman! A storm at sea, a year or two, a coronation: Elsa becomes the Queen of Arendelle. I like the way that this film portrays the contrast between two sisters: Elsa is polite and quite (trying to conceal her powers and keep people out), whilst Anna is scatty and happy (wanting to open doors, meet the people and accept a wedding invitation from a Prince she just met). My favourite scene is when Elsa (after having accidentally revealed her powers to her sister/people) walks up the side of a mountain, finally accepting who she is, giving into her powers: she conjures some snow flakes, rains some snow, creates some wisps, pushes her powers, creates a bridge, stamps her feet, grows a Palace of Ice and makes a stunning icy costume (for herself). My favourite comedy character is Olaf (the snowman) - as he just appears from nowhere, missing a carrot nose, often falling apart and (at one point) puts on some weight (after rolling down a snow covered roof). He also has a strange interest in Summer - and wants to sunbath on the beach! My second favourite scene is when Kristoff (the True Love of Anna) takes Anna and Olaf to meet his family: the Trolls. I found myself laughing when both Anna and Olaf regard Kristoff as being crazy - as he's just talking to the rocks (at least until they wake up/turn into trolls). This film has some stunning vocals/lyrics (sometimes bordering on a musical) and my favourite words that Elsa sings are: The cold never bothered me anyway! Overall: a stunning film, that raises the bar very high, especially in terms of: storyline, special effects (e.g. I just love the wind-swept snow) and singing/musical quality (e.g. I found myself foot tapping and wanting to sing along). True Love can thaw a heart of ice, yet this film will do everything but freeze your heart: do you want to build a snowman?

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