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Mermaid of Atlantis

Masters of Atlantis, and Guardians of Water, Mermaids hoard the Treasures of the Deep:

Mermaid of Atlantis - Guardians of Water and Treasures of the Deep
Mermaid of Atlantis - Guardians of Water and Treasures of the Deep

In the Temple of Atlantis, in the Depths of the Sea - with the power of a Tempest, was the Hurricane First Conceived. In the Nurturing of a Mermaid, in the Hands of a Mother - with the Wrath of a God, was the Cyclone Matured in Rage. In the Whirling of a Storm, in the Calm of the Eye - with the Guide of a Mermaid, lay the Gates of Atlantis: rise now young Hurricane, to the Surface of the Seas! At the front of the Waves, do the Mermaids gather - to see the Fruits of their Bounty: a Ship of Wood, a Ship of Iron. Sink, Sink, to the Treasures of Atlantis: Gems in Gold, Ruby and Platinum! I like the fact that this artwork captures the concept of a Sunken Ship: the wood makes me think of a wooden Galleon/Pirate Ship - and the remnants of it's Sails hint at the suggestion of a powerful undercurrent (since they bend and wiggle). I also like the concept of scale within this artwork: is the Temple really smaller than the Mermaid? Or does the Mermaid just happen to be at the start of a path - with the Temple located faraway? I feel that this Mermaid is also a guardian: although she's probably not standing at the Gates of Atlantis (as I don't think they'd be made of wood) - yet it seems as though she's still barring the way. I approve of the use of the colour green, and I can't help but think of the colour connection with Seaweed - especially between her nails and her hair! Even so, I find myself wondering: is her green-flowing-hair made of Seaweed? I just love the broken borders/boundary of this artwork (which seems to lead you in) - as it's unusual, especially as the artwork only features a partial background. With the two techniques (taken together), a break in convention has occurred, which I feel helps to make the scene more dynamic/alive! My favourite (pencil) colouring has to be on her fin/tale: in a red-yellow-orange colour, it suggests to me a connection with the Sun (although whether the connection is with Atlantis or just the Mermaid, I'm not entirely sure). I do know (however) that the Sun sets in the West, so perhaps that's where Atlantis lies? The red eyes suggest to me that this Mermaid does not have a sailors best interests at heart! Perhaps they are hypnotic? Or perhaps its just a Mermaids Song that leads a sailor to their doom? Overall: I love the layering effect of this artwork - as there seems to be many different levels to this drawing (for example - the Mermaids Fin/Tail passes both under and over different pieces of wood). I also like the simple technique that's been used to suggest water (the little wiggly waves - I suspect in Ink), as this is a useful approach for adding detail (although the artist has to be careful not to overdo it). Water may be my favourite Element, yet I wonder how many sailors can say that Mermaids are their favourite Mythical Creature, to have encountered!

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