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Hey mon - woh there! Da thee seek Adventure? Or da thee seek our Treasures in da Cave? Be off with thee! This be no place for Weak of Spirit ... From Mountain Caves to Under Hills. From Roots so Deep to Stones in Peril. Speak up now! What Magic you say? Tread lightly mon! Be gone! Be gone! This Spirit we have, born in Quest. This Spirit we have, Transcend through Time:

Trollville - Norway Trolls
Trollville - Norway Trolls

At Norway's foot ya say? Yee are not the first to utter this phrase! In Scandinavia ya say? Yee shall not be the last to verb this way! I speak in Nature, I speak of Charm. For we've a family of Trolls - that bar ya way, along thy way, to Trollville. Bee - no Sunlight here, on Cloudy Day! I speak da Riddle, I speak da Door. What say yee, oh Smiley Troll? Two hands in pocket, with Forest step - da dips me toes, in Icy Spring: Butterfly. What say yee, oh skiing Troll? Two feet in place, with Mountain curve - da shouts me name, from Sloping side: Spring. From Trollville da we - Smiley Ski! What say yee, two-headed Troll? The branching of da River pass, the roots upon da Barking Tree - da Seas me swim, through Rapids ahead: Forth. What say yee, oh Hiking Troll? One hand in place, with Nature's Wood - da Tweets me worm, from Cuckoo in nest: Pass. From Trollville da we - two Paths to Hike! What say yee, oh Bearded Troll? Two Greys in White, with Windy hair - da Hides me way, from Greener hat: Yee. What say yee, oh Wizened Troll? With Magic of me, plus rhyme in thee - da Guides me way, from Norse to thee: Knot. From Trollville da we - Bearded Wise! For we've a family of Trolls - that bar yee way, along thy way, to Trollville: Butterfly Spring Forth - Pass Yee Knot! What's that you say? How dare you speak! Be turned to Stone ... These Trolls of Trollville, know thy Runes! Adventure: he seeks the way - but Trolls and their Magic, twists trails. Peril: she seeks the Gold - but Trolls and their Magic, like da Self, do Good in Life. Quest: they seek fulfilment - but Trolls and their Magic, go Fast or Slow but Go! What's that you say? You seek the Spirit of Norway? Well ... There be Seaside Towns, with Lantern pools. There be Homely Inns, with sense of Quite. There be Warring Blood, with Songs of Viking. There be ... Viking Longboat? We know thy name! Troll Magic - be Still be Quite ... In sense of Touch, this Viking name. In heat of Fire, this Viking came. In cold of Steel, this Viking thrust. In Valhalla, this Maelstrom ride! For wee six Trolls, bar yee way ... In Norway flows, with Seas of Wrath. In Arctic swells, with Wrath of Ice. In Mountain foot, with Blades of Rock. In Northern heights, with Shards of Mist. In Thoughts of Doubt, with Seeds of Self. In Thoughts of Lone, with by Myself. Go back! Go back! For wee six Trolls, test your Soul ... This Norway Spirit, in Paths of Daring. This Norway Spirit, Refusal to Quit. This Norway Spirit, Abide in Time. This Norway Spirit, with Thoughts of Flame. This Norway Spirit, with Strength in Grip. This Norway Spirit, with Know thy Truth! For wee six Trolls - know Spells of Old. For wee six Trolls - know Paths of Power. For wee six Trolls - know Beauty and Charm. A Spell we Cast, for Tests be Past ... Yee may pass. To Trollville!

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