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Roar!!!! There be those places on this Earth, that still-guard, the Treasures of the Jurassic. Be Volcano Fire. Be Earthen Shake. This Jurassic World, with Gates of Mammoth. What does thou seek? The thunder of the Darkened Sky? The raining of the Abyssal Plane? The tremors of this Earthen Path? Roar!!!! I know it all, as I'm your guide - through this, Tyrannosaurus-ville:

Tyrannosaurus-ville - Fighting Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops.
Tyrannosaurus-ville - Fighting Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops.

From Late Cretaceous come of I, Tyrannosaurus Rex - with Teeth to Bite. Me Tyrant King, giant Theropod. Me Tyrant King, knows what you seek. From Pools of Black, with Heat locked in. To Desert Wings, with Rise of Sun. This Hell Creek, a Barren Land. This Hell Creek, now Treasure Chest! Roar!!!! What's that you say? Triceratops! We know thy name ... With Horns of Three, a shield-like Crown. With Horns of Three, four sturdy Feet. With Horns of Three, this Underdog - Herbivorous Tank, Brace for Fight! The burning Passion, of this Realm. The bubbling Heat, of this Swamp. The rising Mists, of Nature's Woods. I speak in Roar, I speak in Rent. The Clashing of - the Titans known! From Late Cretaceous come of I, Tarbosaurus - Teeth to Crunch. Me Mongol King, giant Predator. Me Mongol King, knows what you hunt. From Vents of Earth, with Fire in Forge. To Flying Leap, with Soar of Ray. This Gobi Desert, wind swept Land. This Gobi Desert, now Hidden Gem! Roar!!!! What's that you say? Protoceratops! We've heard thy name ... With small Horns here, a plate-like Frill. With small Horns here, four rugged Paws. With small Horns here, yet powerful Beak - Sauropod Sheep, Prepare for Bite! The throbbing Heart, of this Land. The splashing Spray, of this Mound. The growing Wisps, of Redwood Forest. I speak in Howl, I speak in Slash. The Warring of - the Lesser known! From Late Cretaceous come of I, Velociraptor - with Sickle Claws. Me distant cousin, Tyrant King. Me distant cousin, modern Bird. From Family Tree, with Common Roots. To Feathered Friend, with Kingdom now. This Gobi Desert, No Man's Land. This Gobi Desert, come Battle Gem! Roar!!!! What's that you say? Jurassic Park! We know thy name ... But do you? With Sickle Claw, built for Rent. With balanced Tail, built for Speed. With razor Teeth, built for Slash - it's Utahraptor, Nightmare Dream! The rising Pulse, of this Domain. The erupting Force, of this Hill. The ravenous Pack, of Woodland's Edge. I speak in Hunter, I speak in Clever. The Dominance of - our Feathered Kin! This Tyrannosaurus-ville, the Kingdom that we built: Tyrannosaurus Utahraptor, Tarbosaurus Velociraptor! From Jurassic to Cretaceous, our Kingdom had it all ... A greenhouse World, bathing in - the Summer's Sun. A luscious Land, breathing in - the Moisture's rise. A Greenland Paradise, full of - the Evergreens. In thy Conifers did we hide, ambush - giant Sauropod! In thy Ferns did we creep, surprise - startled Prey. In thy Oaks did we seed, jumping forth - with foot long Teeth! On thy Sauropods, did we Feast - crunching through, bones and muscle. This Tyrannosaurus-ville, our Throne of Power. In Hunting Packs, did our Raptors - spread across, this hostile Land. In Sickle Claws, did our Raptors - Rend through, this Warring plane. In Thought of Flight, did our Raptors - grow Feathers, reach for Sky! Roar!!!! What's that you say? Celestial Body! We know thy name ... It came to us, one Darkened Day - it sent a Shockwave, through our Kingdom. It brought us to the Brink, where we Teetered - on the Edge! But Velociraptor Utahraptor - both knew, just how to Fight ... As our, Tyrannosaurus-ville, be still - all around! You feel it when: your in the Woods. You hear it when: the Trees do speak. You see it when: our Birds do fly. Tyrannosaurus-ville still, this modern Day. Roar!!!!

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